Permanent Tattoo

Permanent tattoos involve a colorfast pigment implanted below the dermo-epidermal junction and retained by macrophages and fibroblasts in the dermis.

Temporary Tattoo

A temporary tattoo is a decorative image that can be applied to the skin for short periods of time. Most temporary tattoos are novelty items made with a special type of decal.

Potrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos are tattoos which look like a portrait. They can be an image of just about anyone, whether real or fictional.

Tattoo Removal

If you are interested in getting your old and unwanted tattoo removed or knowing about the latest in laser technology then look no further.

Cover ups Tattoo

The specifics of your scar will impact how your tattoo is designed and inked, so make sure your artist knows what they’re dealing with while they’re designing your tattoo.

Custom Tattoos

Custom Tattoo Design brings tattoo ideas to life. Getting a tattoo is a life-long decision and making sure your tattoo is 100% perfect should be at the top of your priority list.

Religious Tattoo

Some people choose religious tattoos to represent their own beliefs. Others choose symbols they like without paying attention to their meanings.


Piercing is done with utmost care and perfection. We should like to share some useful information post piercing process.

We all have thought about getting the best tattoo at some point of time or the other.

Before you get yourself inked, here is a little you need to know about tattoos and artist

What is a tattoo


Tattoo is permanent designs made on the skin with the help of needles and ink. The ink is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, where it changes the pigment to form the design. It is a wound made in the skin.

Once the ink is deposited, after a few days the wound will start to scab. Once the scab goes away, you can see the design imprinted under the fresh layer of skin. Temporary tattoos are also available at Tattoo sphere for those who don’t want a permanent one.


The various types of tattoos services We offer includes


Full Sleeve Tattoos

Color Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos

Realism Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos

Font Tattoos

Feminine Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos



At Our Tattoo Studio


Tattoo inks– We use top quality permanent tattoo inks. Top brands like Intense, Eternal tattoo ink and Dynamic.

Tattoo Needles – Since this is one of the most important part of tattooing, we use pre sterilized tattoo needles and cartridges. These are seal packed and are opened in front of customer. These are single use and are disposed off after use.

Tattoo Process– hygiene process at our studio is very strict. Through cleaning process is followed daily. Our artist undergo medical checkup regularly. New ink cups, medically approved Latex Gloves are used; clip cord/RCA and machines are covered for extra protection. Smoking and eatables are not allowed at our tattoo studio. We give our customers every opportunity to ask any question related to their permanent tattoo.

Tattoo Machines-we use most advance coil and rotary based tattoo machines like Bishop rotary, Eikon and Cheyenne tattoo equipments

Tattoo Aftercare– we recommend the best of tattoo after care. Products approved medically for tattoo aftercare are recommended at our tattoo shop. Renew A & D ointment, Cam tat wax and other high grade products are used at studio. We share videos and documents with customer for aftercare. Regular follow up ensure customer to have a glowing tattoo.